Dover & Springer Books Impossible to Read?

Dover and Springer publish vast numbers of texts on Mathematics and Statistics.  It would appear they’ve never met a book they couldn’t make impossible to read.

After years of buying, reading, and studying Dover and Springer books on such topics, I’ve come to the conclusion they only publish books by authors who seek to impress themselves, family, and friends by packing as many formulas as they can conceive between a front and back cover.  “Honey!  I never knew you were so smart!”  “Thanks mom!”

It is said that Charles Dickens was paid by the word.  Thus, he wrote 900 page novels.  My guess, Dover and Springer pay by the formula.  As a bonus, the more convoluted the better.

Interesting enough, Springer‘s logo appears to be a reader throwing his hands up in frustration after attempting to comprehend an “introduction” to who knows what.

Their motto:  Over priced and beyond comprehension.  Every book understood by no more than seven people!

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