In today’s highly competitive, unforgiving business environment, “data” is everywhere.  However, its mere presence does not ensure organizational success or prosperity.

franalytics™ helps franchise management teams embrace data-analytic thinking and create an organizational environment in which data science, its practitioners, franchisees, their customers, and the franchise system can thrive and prosper.

How do you bring franchising and data analytics together? franalytics!

Taylor Bond, founder of franalytics™

With nearly 30 years of franchise experience, Bond understands the daily challenges faced by franchisors and franchisees.

Bond’s interest in analyzing data started from a young age with a love of baseball, the stock market, and horse racing. He earned his undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Statistics at the University of Michigan, which provided him with a foundation in data science and software development.

In 1987, after a year with General Motors, Bond entered the franchising space when he joined Domino’s Pizza. He began as a Market Research Analyst, became a Director of Marketing, and eventually earned the position of National Director Market Research. He helped design, develop, and deploy Domino’s Pizza’s very first database marketing application and its most accurate sales forecasting tools. Today, Domino’s dominates its competitors with an industry leading technology platform.

Bond left Domino’s Pizza to become the very first Computer Renaissance franchisee.  For six consecutive years, Bond’s Computer Renaissance store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, lead the system in sales volume.  While a Computer Renaissance franchisee, Bond served as President of the Computer Renaissance Franchise Advisory Council. In 1999, Bond was named President of Computer Renaissance, a division of Winmark Corporation (NASDAQ:WINA), at the time Grow Biz International.

Most recently, Bond has held several executive positions with nationally recognized franchise brands including his role as President of Computer Renaissance and CEO of Children’s Orchard.

Bond is also the founder of Park ‘n Party®, a web-based parking reservation system for major events such as NCAA football games, the NHL Winter Classic, and nationally recognized Art Fairs.